Death Valley (Summer, 2003)

This is the hottest, dryest place on the continent. The hottest we experienced was 47 degrees celsius. Also the lowest point in North America, the bottom of Death Valley is 282ft below sea level. In a neighbouring mountain range is the highest point in the US (besides Alaska), Mt. Whitney, at 14,495 feet.

Death Valley has fantastic names for places: Devil's Golf Course, Furnace Creek, Badwater, Stovepipe Wells, Desolation Canyon, Dante's View, Last Chance Mountain, Crankshaft Junction, Drybone Canyon, Devil's Cornfield, Funeral Peak, Deadman Pass...

We saw kangaroo rats, scorpions, praying mantis, snakes, bats, coyotes, lizards, hares...
Death Valley is actually a rather lively place. :)

...Other photos of the trip can be seen at our friends' website...
Rhyolite Ghost Town
(one of the best preserved)
Abandoned mine (one of many)
Aaahhh... Air conditioning ;)
Natural bridge
Devil's Golf Course (salt formations)
Charcoal kilns
Scotty's Castle