Perpetual Motion Machine

I'm modeling this for a stylized real-time environment (in Maya). No textures yet - and of course it needs to be animated.
Here's a camera rotation of the machine,
before I do my final modeling tweaks.
2.8 Megs
640x480 AVI
in DivX format
Check out some of the
early concept drawings
...and early renders of the environment
(also a work in progress)
...Based on an original adventure game concept from 1997,
for H2O Entertainment
"Primordial Goo."

This contraption is the focus in an environment, which is the central hub between all levels of the game world. In the beginning, it is broken, and life in the world has ground to a halt. Solving puzzles throughout the game, the main character must fix the great machine, and get the river of primordial goo flowing once again - only this will bring life back to the world.
If you would like to see more from H2O's original game concepts,
please feel free to contact me !
All property of H2O Entertainment used with permission.

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