This is a stylized real-time environment I've been modeling in Maya.
Not nearly finished yet, but ready for input. This is the very basic form - I do plan to add lots more detail, bump up the poly-count, and of course, texture it.

...Based on an original adventure game concept for H2O Entertainment: "Primordial Goo." (1997)
This environment would be the central hub, between all levels of the game world. The focal point is a perpetual motion machine. In the beginning, it is broken, and life in the world has ground to a halt. Solving puzzles throughout the game, the main character must fix the great machine, and get the river of primordial goo flowing once again - only this will bring life back to the world.
early concept drawings!
Renders of the
Perpetual Motion Machine
- the central focus of this environment.
If you would like to see more from H2O's original game concepts,
please feel free to contact me !
All property of H2O Entertainment used with permission.
On my Video Games pages, there are some samples of
lower-poly environments I modeled and textured
for the N64 Roll Playing Game: Aidyn Chronicles.

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