The New Tetris
A Nintendo 64 puzzle game
made by H2O Entertainment
Produced by Blue Planet, SanFrancisco
Check out the IGN review,
Aug. 3rd, 1999
Each screen was a collaborative effort. The primary artists on this project were Chris Bretz, Scott McBain, and Jake Pokorny. Additional art was provided by Roland Longpre, Jeff King, Jon Liu, John Hayes, and myself. The amazing coders involved were David Pridie, Maxwell Sayles, and Ross Kakuschke. It was a pleasure working with all of these guys - I consider myself lucky to have been part of such a talented team. In addition to helping with these screens, I did quite a lot of work assembling and doing minor design on the menus, of which I should have screenshots available soon. Most, if not all of the art was done in SoftImage and Photoshop (1998).
Celtic level
I did some compositing of objects. If you play the game, you'll notice Scott McBain's tartan in the background of multiplayer.
Greek & Roman level
I did compositing of objects, some of the hillside in the background, and shadows. I did more work on the multiplayer version of this level (below), and the winning fly-through cinematic.
For multiplayer (Greek/Roman Level), I did compositing & Photoshop touch-up of objects; created the alcoves in the center, as well as the friezes. All fabric backgrounds in Multiplayer levels done by Scott McBain.
Japanese level
I mainly made the animated ripples and candle flickers, on the water.

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